Are you looking to start your rebounding studio, or elevate your fitness offerings or expand your health and wellness inventory? You've landed in the perfect spot! Our Bulk Orders section is exclusively designed for those purchasing three or more rebounders. Here, we offer something beyond the ordinary – a unique opportunity to access our Wholesale Pricing Program.

Exclusive Wholesale Pricing: Tailored for Volume Purchases

Forget the standard list prices you see elsewhere on our site. As a bulk buyer, you qualify for our exclusive Wholesale Pricing, where the more you buy, the more you save. Our volume discount tiers are structured to cater to your specific needs:

• Tier 1: 3 to 10 Rebounders
• Tier 2: 11 to 15 Rebounders
• Tier 3: 16 to 25 Rebounders

And for those ambitious orders exceeding 25 units? We offer additional discounts, subject to stock availability and the scope of your order. This ensures that you get the best possible value, tailored to the size of your purchase.

Why Choose JumpSport?

Unrivalled Warranties

With JumpSport, you invest in longevity and quality. Our rebounders come with lifetime warranties on frames and up to four years on bungee cords. This translates to the lowest cost of ownership in the market – a promise of durability and reliability.

Exquisite Engineering & Design

Every JumpSport rebounder is a testament to superior engineering. The elegance, robustness, and precision in design set our products apart. It's not just a fitness equipment; it's a piece of art designed to last and perform.

Versatile Support Bars

Our diverse range of models includes options with support bars. These are ideal for instructors and fitness facilities aiming to broaden their rebounding classes and cater to a wider audience. The Quick Release is great for rapid transitioning and other models allow for intimate fit so you can place your full weight above and under it. At minimum, the support bars enhance safety and allow for a more diverse range of exercises, making rebounding accessible to everyone.


We can even provide you with branded mats; Place your logo and URL on your JumpSport rebounder mat.

Join the JumpSport family and experience the pinnacle of rebounding equipment. Whether you're outfitting a fitness studio, a wellness center, or looking to bulk up your personal training arsenal, our team is ready to assist you with personalized service and expertise.

Ready to Leap Forward?
Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us tailor a package that maximizes your value and satisfaction. With JumpSport South Africa, your journey towards elevated fitness and wellness is just a bounce away!

Please complete the form below and in the COMMENT field share your location(s), projected units required and more details about you and/or your company/brand. We promise to respond within a few hours to your submission.

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