Rebounder Safety Guidelines

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Safety Guidelines for Rebounder Use

Usage Parameters:

  • Only one child may utilize the rebounder at any given moment to ensure safety.
  • Continuous adult supervision is required for children under the age of 14 during rebounder use.

Apparel and Supervision:

  • Users must wear suitable footwear and clothing designed for active movement to prevent accidents.
  • An adult capable of assisting should always supervise children with disabilities when they are using the rebounder.

Health Precautions:
Should you experience abnormal pain or discomfort, it is imperative to seek professional medical care promptly.

Environmental and Spatial Awareness:
The rebounder should be placed in a safe location, away from water sources, glass fixtures such as windows, areas with low ceilings or archways, slick surfaces, and away from heavy or sharp objects to prevent injuries and product damage.

Professional Guidance:
If there is any uncertainty about using the rebounder due to health concerns, consult with a healthcare provider for personalized advice.

Acknowledgment of Risks and Responsibilities:
By proceeding with this purchase, you, the customer, confirm your understanding of these guidelines and accept to utilize the rebounder in the manner for which it is designed. JumpSport South Africa disclaims liability for any damages or injuries that result from improper use or disregard of these safety instructions.

These guidelines serve to enhance the safety measures to be taken when using JumpSport Rebounders, emphasizing the importance of supervision, proper use, and the role of the user in preventing potential risks.

Disclaimer for JumpSport South Africa Products
Liability for Injuries and Fitness to Use

  • JumpSport South Africa does not bear responsibility for any injuries that may occur during the use, assembly, or storage of our products.
  • It is incumbent upon the user to ensure they are in good health and devoid of any medical conditions that could be exacerbated by physical activity, thereby increasing the risk of injury to themselves or others.

Indemnification and Losses:

  • By using this product, users absolve JumpSport South Africa of any responsibility for financial loss, legal claims, or damages that may arise due to product defects, insufficient guidance provided with the product, or the use thereof.
  • JumpSport South Africa is safeguarded against any financial loss or costs incurred due to claims related to product descriptions or representations.

User Agreement:

  • When you use a JumpSport South Africa product, you agree to indemnify and protect the company from any damages or losses that may result from the product’s usage.
  • This enhanced disclaimer is designed to clearly define the scope of JumpSport South Africa's liability, outline the user's responsibilities, and establish the terms of indemnification concerning the use of JumpSport products.

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