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Discover the unparalleled world of JumpSport rebounders, now accessible across the African continent! Whether you're an individual enthusiast, a boutique fitness studio, or a part of a large gym chain, our offerings are tailored just for you, reaching beyond the borders of South Africa into the heart of Africa.

Unmatched Quality and Service Across the Continent

We understand the challenge of finding high-quality fitness equipment in Africa. More so, the rarity of finding a supplier that offers comprehensive after-sales support and spare parts. This is where JumpSport South Africa steps in. Our range of rebounders, renowned for their exceptional build quality and industry-leading warranties, are the perfect solution for our African clients.

Simplified Logistics for Every Corner of Africa

Worried about shipping complexities? We've got it covered. Our commitment extends to making logistics seamless for you. With our efficient Africa-wide courier partners, we ensure that our top-notch rebounders and service reach you, no matter where you are on the continent.

Empowering Local Resellers and Entrepreneurs

We are on the lookout for local resellers who are enthusiastic about holding in-country stock and servicing our clients locally. This initiative is not just about business growth but fostering a community that values health and fitness.

Furthermore, for the pioneering African entrepreneurs aspiring to start their own fitness studio, we offer an exciting opportunity. Our online accredited rebounding certification course, bundled with rebounder purchases, is designed to set you on a path of success. This course empowers you with the knowledge and skills to effectively use and teach rebounding, opening doors to new fitness horizons.

A Partnership for Growth and Wellness

At JumpSport South Africa, we are not just selling rebounders; we're building relationships and promoting a lifestyle of wellness and vitality. Our commitment to quality, service, and education stands as a testament to our dedication to the African market.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey
From Lagos, to Nairobi, to Accra, into Gabarone, through Windhoek, back up into Kigali…if you're in Africa, outside of South Africa, and looking for top-tier rebounding equipment, or interested in becoming a reseller or starting a fitness venture, you're in the right place. Contact us to explore how we can collaborate and bring the best of rebounding to your doorstep.

Together, let's jumpstart a rebounding fitness revolution across Africa!

Ready to Leap Forward?

Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us tailor a package that maximizes your value and satisfaction. With JumpSport South Africa, your journey towards elevated fitness and wellness is just a bounce away!

Please complete the form below and in the COMMENT field share your location(s), projected units required and more details about you and/or your company/brand. We promise to respond within a few hours to your submission.

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