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Fixed Support Handle | Compatible w/ 300 Series

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Please Note: This product includes the Support Handle ONLY (no rebounder included), with this Support Handle fitting the 99cm (39”) JumpSport Rebounder models in the 300 Series. 

Enjoy enhanced stability and safety during your rebounding workouts with the JumpSport Fixed Support Handle. This handle provides unparalleled support and security, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in a wide range of exercises and routines with confidence!

 Features of this support handle include:

  • Enhanced Bouncing Stability: Experience added stability and balance during your workouts, enabling you to explore a variety of exercises and movements with greater confidence
  • Increased Safety: The fixed support handle offers additional security, ensuring a safe and secure rebounding experience for users of all fitness levels
  • Upper-Body Workouts: Utilise the handle to engage and strengthen your upper body, adding a new dimension to your rebounding workout regimen
  • Frame Stability for Versatile Exercises: Enjoy a stable frame that allows for various exercises, facilitating a comprehensive workout experience tailored to your fitness goals
  • Ultra-Sturdy Design: The handle boasts a flush-fit design that seamlessly integrates with the rebounder, ensuring a sturdy and reliable support structure for your rebounding activities
  • 6 Adjustable Height Settings: Customise your workout experience with six different adjustable height settings, ranging from 76cm to 102cm, providing a comfortable and tailored rebounding session
  • Padded Handle for Comfort: The padded handle ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for extended workout sessions without sacrificing comfort
  • Wide Legs for Unmatched Frame Stability: Benefit from the wide legs that provide exceptional frame stability, enhancing the overall safety and reliability of your rebounding workout
  • Superior Build Quality: Rest assured that this support handle is only of the absolute best-quality, with its generous 1-year warranty following the date of purchase!

Enjoy the stability, safety, and versatility provided by the JumpSport Fixed Support Handle, and take your rebounding workouts to new heights!

Fixed Support Handle | Compatible w/ 300 Series
Fixed Support Handle | Compatible w/ 300 Series
Fixed Support Handle | Compatible w/ 300 Series